Exhibition System Sales

3D exhibitions are the Scottish agent for the German exhibition system Meroform. You can buy this from us directly, or you can hire just what you need from our large rental stock. We offer the Mereform Advantec, R8 Plus and 4D systems - contact us to find out which one is best suited to your needs. 

Portable Partitions

Our clear dividers can be easily installed in limitless configurations to make your workplace safer for customers, employees and suppliers - without blocking any light. We have a choice of clear or patterned partitions available, along with the option of adding custom graphics and branding. They can be used to create room dividers, office cubicles, cafe booths and more.

With over 20 years' experience in safely installing temporary structures; problem-solving is our strong point. We will carry out a pre-installation risk assessment and work with you to deliver and install these long-lasting, fire retardant panels.

Meroform 4D

Meroform 4D system is a sturdy and attractive aluminium system which can be used for two-storey stand construction, glass walls and canopies. It has a range of matching components, including girders, glass spider fittings and tension elements to encourage creative designs. Floor plans of varying shapes (including 45° angles) are simple to construct using the modular system. Double storey space frames can be supported on 4D walls or columns, and support-free spans. Assembly is fast and simple as the structure can be pre-assembled at ground level and then raised into position, complete with integrated system floor covering, railing, and upper level walls.

R8 Plus

A popular exhibition system for shell schemes, R8 Plus can easily be mixed with custom-built components. We have a large stock of girders in either a brushed aluminium or white powder coat finish. and we can also accommodate various panel finishes. 

R8 Plus is a popular choice for modular counters, bars and plinths


A white laminate finished flush walling system, perfect for shell schemes, popup offices and meeting rooms. The finish and construction is suited to large flat graphics, allowing you to create a unique stand to promote your brand. 

We stock Advantec in a range of heights: 2.5m, 3.5m, 4m and 5m, and it is compatible with all other Meroform ceiling and girder systems.